The Algarve is popular with many, many tourists, golfers and sun-seekers. It sometimes seems that the Algarve is one big crowded holiday destination. But the reality is so different! There are also plenty of attractions here that are worth putting down the golf clubs and getting off the sun lounger to discover. With incredible rock formations, historic towns and amazing nature surrounded by the always mesmerizing ocean, the Algarve will show you why it’s so loved. We give you an impression of five days in the south of Portugal. Of course, these are all examples… But we hope it will give you an impression of the variety of things to do and the many, many options you have to stay in our guesthouse in the Algarve and enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Day 1. It´s all about taste

Get up early, have a nice dip in the pool and start your day with our fresh and organic breakfast. In the morning you can head out to the Monterosa Olive Grove. Monterosa is an artisan producers of olive oil in the Eastern Algarve with 15 hectares of olive groves in Moncarapacho. They pick the olives by hand in autumn and immediately take them to their press which dates from roman times, where they are ground to paste in a granite stone mill. The tour includes an olive oil tasting. Booking a tour in advance is recommended.

For lunch, you can visit the lovely town of Fuseta nearby. You will find amazing fish restaurants (on the small squares near the market) where all fish is grilled before your eyes, and served with a nice bottle of Vinho Verde. The afternoon you can stay in Fuseta, take a short boat trip to the island of Fuseta and enjoy a sunny afternoon at one of the pristine beaches on the island. Boats come and go, the trip is only 10 minutes and you will feel in paradise…

Come back to Charm of the Algarve for a dip in the pool and refresh for dinner. Olhão has the most amazing restaurants for all tastes. Looking for typical Portuguese Cataplana (fish stew), a nice vegetarian meal or a solid steak? Check our restaurants tips. Be sure to make reservations in summer time as most popular restaurant can fill up easily.

Day 2. City life with culture

Another day in sunny Algarve. Take your time for our home made breakfast, chat with the owners Rob and Peter or the other guests and adapt to the slow life in Portugal. After breakfast you head out to Tavira, one of the most romantic towns in the Algarve. Especially in the morning, we love the atmosphere of people drinking a coffee on the terrace, the shops slowly opening and the river showing its tidal movements. It is not so hot yet, so be sure to visit both parts of town on either side of the Roman Bridge. Fill your suitcase with some unique souvenirs that can be found here. For a full view of Tavira and the history of this old town, you can visit the Camara Obscura in the old water tower. After a nice lunch in one of the restaurants, you can enjoy a great Fado show in the heart of Tavira. Fado com Historia offers a musical journey (50 minutes) into the art of Fado singing. You will see a short film about the Unesco heritage and hear a live performance of the most popular fado songs. 

Of course you can stay in Tavira for dinner. A special celebration? Why not book a table at A Ver Tavira, the only Michelin Star restaurant in the East Algarve! Of course you can also head to one of the smaller fishermen’s towns nearby. Santa Lucia is known as the Capital of the Octopus and the great restaurants serving typical Portuguese Octopus dishes. 

Day 3. Water and cocktails

Coming to the Algarve is exploring the ocean. Today, we skip the relaxed breakfast and go directly to Faro for Dolphin Watching. Ocean Vibes is a Boat Tour and Marine Biology research company based in Faro. Their main goal is to connect Tourism and Research by providing educational Dolphin Watching tours while collecting data for research. They use part of their revenues to finance their own research surveys! Please book beforehand. Usually the boats leave at 8 am in Faro.

For lunch you can visit the nearby Island of Faro. Especially the locals love this island beach that can easily be reached by car or Uber. The bars and restaurants have a chill, relaxed factor and the long stretch of clean beach invites you for a relaxed afternoon. Or you can stay in Faro, explore the old town, the cathedral, the cobble stone alleys and the sun drenched squares. 

Still some energy left? Head into the Faro bar area. This student town is full of energy, friendly bars and hip restaurants. Start with a relaxing cocktail at the terrace of Columbus bar and head down to the Rua Conselheiro Bivar for a nice dinner.

Day 4. Active and lazy

No visit to Algarve is complete without visiting the amazing cliffs, the caves and yellow beaches. The walking trail Seven Hanging Valleys is one of the most beautiful day treks on the Algarve Coast. Stretching from Carvoeiro in the west to Praia da Marinha in the east, the hike offers breathtaking views along golden sun-kissed cliffs towering above the deep blue Atlantic Ocean below. The coast is full of hidden beaches and caves, and the hike gives you the opportunity to walk down to several incredible natural wonders. If you start at the Praia da Marinha, be sure to go early to find a good parking spot. Or you go to the Alfanzina lighthouse (open every Wednesday afteroon) and start your trail eastbound.

After an intense hike, you deserve a relaxing afternoon. The area of Vilamoura is just the place for you. Treat yourself to a nice lunch on a great location and head out for Restaurant Rocha Baixina on the beach of Vilamoura. Or join the hip crown in the amazing Purobeach Vilamoura. Find one of the cozy beach beds and let yourself be spoiled by the beautiful boys and girls of this exclusive club. At the beachfront you will find relaxation and the best music from their resident DJs. Have a late lunch and head to your home in the Algarve. Tonight you deserve some relaxing time in your room. Stay in… order a simple meal and enjoy the latest Netflix movie on our all new Smart TV. After all… holiday is not only about continuous action, but also about enjoying and relaxing.

Day 5. Where the tourists go…

Your last day already! Luckily, you already feel so much better than when you came! The sun, the healthy food and the friendly people do good to everybody. Time to start with some culture now. This morning we visit the wonderful Church of São Lourenço in Almancil and marvel at the walls full of blue azulejos and the impressive golden altar, telling the story of the holy Laurence who stole money from the Catholic church to give to the poor. Amazingly this church is closed for visitors on Sundays but open every other day. The afternoon is for your last beach visit. No idea where to go? Try our favourite beach, the praia São Rafael, close to Albufeira. It is a lovely beach with great views, calm water and easy facilities. 

Your last evening you can have a look around in Albufeira, the tourist capital of the Algarve. The old town is actually quite cosy with some nice shops, plenty of restaurants and outside entertainement. Try dinner at Flavours Restaurant. Always a good choice with great meals, an amazing view over the ocean and friendly staff, all for reasonable prices.